What is it? 
A practice that dates back as early as 3000 B.C. throughout Asia and Europe, cupping is basically just what it sounds like: Practitioners use cups to create suction over targeted areas of the skin. Cupping moves stagnant blood and fluids in the tissues of the muscle and activates the lymphatic system. Cupping is used in various forms, from fire cupping to plastic suction cups depending on the presentation. 

Who should try it? 
Cupping is useful for all ages from toddlers to grandparents. Cupping is most popularly used for pain management, often for sore muscles or knots. Historically used to treat the common cold, which is why it is so great for children. Another modality loved by athletes. 

What can I expect? 
There are various ways to use Cupping: stationary (left in one place), moving, and flash cupping. The sensation is… interesting. It really just feels like the weight of the world is being lifted off your shoulders or body. Most stand alone cupping treatments last around 30 minutes and are often included in with your acupuncture treatment. As with Gua Sha, Cupping can typically leave its mark, usually in the form of a red to purple circle due to the nature of the cups. These marks will fade within a few days. 

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