"I initially worked with Joe to address some upper back and neck pain, which he helped with significantly in my first few visits. As a 54 year old former athlete, it became very clear that Joe is a very unique and talented practitioner. We started to discuss and move in to optimizing health and increasing recovery. His functional medicine approach and knowledge is exceptional. We continued with acupuncture, but added in a course of action of an intestinal cleanse and detox. This medium was very effective in optimizing my health, decreasing inflammation, and generally improving gut health. I give Joe my highest recommendation and have referred many friends to him with similar results. Joe is a practitioner of functional medicine and acupuncture of the highest degree." - M.W. 

"The Acupuncturist Joe as well as the staff is amazing! My pain is going away, just after two visits when I was told I need a nerve blocker from others in my neck. I chose to try acupuncture first and am so glad I did." - L.G.

"Finished my first session with Joe. It was excellent. As I’m sure some of Autum’s patients are, I was hesitant … but I had full faith & confidence that she wouldn’t leave her baby in the hands of someone whom she doesn’t trust to sustain & move the business forward. Joe is extremely personable, & was very aware of my level of comfort - wanting to know if he was moving too fast or too slow. He had things “talking”! I’m super happy with my first session & look forward to the next. Miss you, Autum - but thank you, Joe!" - L.G.

"Joe assisted me with excellent acupuncture services for over two years. His expertise is thorough and he's an enlightened practitioner. Joe has a lot of experience in modalities for healing. He researches, and keeps current on, many natural healing options. I experienced pain relief, healing and great positive impact on increasing much more range of motion during healing. I highly recommend Joe as an outstanding acupuncturist and holistic practitioner." - J.M.

"I had an acupuncture appointment with Joe Bonacci. Real simple: I was shocked at how great the benefits of acupuncture were for my back pain, and Joe is such a great professional at feeling out your pain, treating it, and explaining how it's helping your body.  For months I had traditional physical therapy and stretching and trying to fix my neck/back problems, and two years later, the only thing I can say confidently makes the pain go away when I have a bad episode and neck stiffening & back spasms is this acupuncture treatment from Joe! It may sound cheesy, but it's true. :) I highly recommend going to him! (Bonus also for those who may be nervous: I'm not amazing with needles, and I actually started acupuncture for the first time ever with Joe and he eased me into it, and now I'm totally comfortable with the treatment and more comfortable around needles generally.)"  - A.W.

"I have been seeing Joe Bonacci regularly for acupuncture and have experienced excellent results. He is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner - and also happens to be one of the best listeners I've encountered in a healthcare setting!" - S.F.

"Joe B. is one of the best acupuncturists I've worked with. Truly cares about you and your progress throughout his treatments. Would definitely recommend." - S.S.

"Had a great first experience with acupuncture with Joe B. He did a wonderful job keeping me informed on what he was doing and why throughout the session. He is a true professional!" - M.G.

"I had a seen a different Functional Medicine Practitioner for years before I met Joe, I had some success before, but Joe's detox protocol is what really changed my symptoms.  I feel more energy now than I've felt in years which means I can do the works outs I used to do.  And I'm back to eating a wide variety of foods that I couldn't before I worked with Joe.  Highly recommend!"  - C.H.

"When Joe introduced the concept of parasites to me, I honestly was HOPING it was not the cause of my symptoms.  But I had tried so much else and spent so much money, I was willing to try anything to get rid of my constant brain fog and IBS issues.  After working with Joe and getting rid of more than a few parasites, I can't believe how much better I feel!"  J.R.

"I can't believe how many specialists I went to with no answers, or who just wanted me to try the next experimental drug on the market, and couldn't tell me why anything was happening to me.  When I met Joe, I was in a tough place with chronic pain, fatigue, and hives that would come and go by the hour.  Now I barely experience any of those issues and if I do, I know what triggered them because Joe actually explain to me how my body works!"  J.M.

"I used to live on steroids and anti-inflammatories before I met Joe.  Constant inflammation flares that I could not understand how to control no matter what diets I tried.  Joe ran a few tests and told me what my triggers were and why they were there in the first place.  After doing some detox work and getting on the right diet, I can actually live my life without constantly thinking about how my symptoms might prevent me from doing the things I enjoy."  B.R.

"I just want to say that Joe is one of the best listeners I've met out of all the other doctors I've seen.  And I think because he listened, he was able to figure out what was going on with me where other doctors couldn't.  He spent over an hour reviewing everything that had happened to me since I was born and recommended some tests that explained a lot and within a few months of treatment I was feeling so much better."  R.S.



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