"Autum worked with me from 37 weeks of pregnancy on, and helped me destress during those long, final weeks. Her treatments helped my body prepare for what was a short and efficient labor, and baby boy came exactly on his due date! Her kind and comforting energy helped me all along the way."
- Meg J. 

"Autum is a natural healer. You will know when you speak to her, that she is knowledgable about her practice, and she will have a plan to address your issues. I have been treated for allergies, injuries, and tension. The results are noticeable the very same day. In addition to that, Autum inspires me to pay closer attention to my body and learn more about myself."
- Trent B.

"Autum's knowledge of and passion for Chinese Medicine is apparent from the first visit. Her comprehensive approach to a problem and attention to the details allows her to hone in on the root causes of complex symptoms and work through solutions. Autum's practice is a perfect compliment to any western medicine regimen and, in many cases, can provide better results for conditions that western practitioners find particularly difficult to treat."
- Galen H.

"At first I was a little intimidated about idea of acupuncture, but after my first experience I am convinced of its benefits. Autum Kirgan is a skilled and thorough practitioner with a strong command of her practice. My neck ailment has improved greatly." 
- Brent B.

“After just one session with Autumn I noticed a positive result. She spent a good portion of our initial consultation time listening to my medical history which included a recent diagnosis of cancer and chemotherapy, the ongoing side effects from the treatment and explaining her treatment plan. Her knowledge and willingness to research were impressive and professional. I’ve been treated with traditional western medical care and drugs, however Autumn’s treatment plan included a detox program that resulted in eliminating swelling, inflammation and lack of energy, common issues for recovery from cancer, chemo and radiation. Several OTC items were included and her expert recommendations for at home treatment continuity between session have been a huge success while supplementing or even eliminating some of the prescription drugs I’ve been taking for years. I highly recommend trying acupuncture for post chemo patients, pain management and detoxification, among other physical symptoms. She is amazing.” 
– Libbi M.

"I began treatments with Autum for a shoulder injury that had been causing me pain for years. Western medicine options were surgery or a cortisone injection which was not appealing. After my treatment program my shoulder feels great and has no pain issues even after resuming activities that would normally have caused irritation. Thanks Autum!" 
- Mike K.

"I was a little unsure about acupuncture, but after the first couple of treatments, I am a complete believer. Autumn Kirgan is an amazing practitioner that will immediately put you at ease and help treat your issues. She has greatly helped me and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a natural way of healing."
-Megan M.

"Compassionate, thoughtful treatments. Would recommend to anyone!" 
- David T.

"Autum is amazing! She is a truly gifted acupuncturist and incredibly compassionate and intuitive person. Whether you are healing from an injury, struggling with infertility or preparing for IUI/IVF or looking for overall health and wellness, Autum's knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine will assist you with your journey further your healing."
- Lynsey K

"Autum is amazing! I've seen her for almost a year. She's knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients and her practice. I can't recommend Autum enough. She helped me get my body ready for successful pregnancy."
-Stephanie H.

"I had never done acupuncture but Autum me feel relaxed. Autum improved my immune system and helped me all over. She is true healer."
- RJ C.

"Autum is fantastic. Hands down a natural born healer, she was made for it. Not only have I been helped by her ingenious, but I'm looking forward to referring all my patients to her for ultimate healing and wellness! I couldn't be more excited to welcome her into our modern healthcare industry!" 
- Amy G., D.C

"Autum is ahead of her time and hands down, one of the best people on the planet. She is thoughtful and meticulous. Due to my dental hygiene career, I was suffering from weekly migraines and chronic shoulder pain. She empathetically heard my concerns and tailored treatment to meet my individual needs. Since she introduced me to Chinese Medicine, my headaches are gone, my shoulder feels 100% better, and my anxiety has significantly decreased. Her expertise, guidance and passion are just the beginning of her tremendous talents. She has given me an overwhelming sense of relief and for that I will be forever thankful and a forever client!" 
- Erica C., RDH



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